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Diamond Elite Bandsaw

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Why is the Diamond Elite Bandsaw Diamond Tech's most popular saw? With the Diamond Elite, it's simple to achieve precise intricate, smooth cuts on all kinds of lapidary slab material. This means you virtually eliminate waste on tricky cuts.

  • The narrow profile blade allows you to cut details like never before, and makes even "impossible" cuts possible.
  • Adjustable blade guides can be positioned directly over your work up to 1" thick, reducing vibration in the blade for greater stability and concise control.
  • Built-in light illuminates the cutting area so you can see clearly for more accurate cuts.
  • Durable re-circulating water pump with "ultra-plus" filtration provides a steady stream of water to the blade, keeping your saw running cool and clean.
  • Extra large 10" x 12" table provides support for large slab pieces. Straight edge and angle guides ensure accurate cuts.
  • Variable speed 1/7 hp motor makes it easy to set the cutting speed according to the material, thickness, and precision of your cuts.

Plus, it's so quiet you can hardly hear it run. Set up takes only minutes, and with easy-to-install blades, quick blade tension adjustment, and virtually no replacement parts, you can spend more time cutting, and less time maintaining your saw. So sturdy it's covered by an incredible 3 year manufacturer warranty (excluding blades).


  • Make precise, smooth cuts on virtually any stone slab material.
  • Eliminate waste and save time trim sawing.
  • Set up is quick and easy.
  • Includes 2 ultra-thin diamond edged blades providing up to 160 hours of cutting.
  • Recirculating water pump keeps your saw running cool and clean.
  • Variable speed 1/7 hp motor, backed by 3 year warranty.
  • Safe and simple to operate.