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Covington Maxi Laps

Original price $1,075.00 - Original price $1,725.00
Original price
$1,075.00 - $1,725.00
Current price $1,075.00
Covington's Maxi Laps are excellent units for grinding, shaping, and polishing small work pieces. All models have a cast aluminum body, quick-change aluminum heads (no hole), water manifold, pump, tubing, 1/3hp heavy duty motor with a carrying handle, instructions, and product guarantee. The aluminum head turns at 1410rpm.

Glass Laps

Covington's 8" standard glass laps are an economical choice for grinding small glass pieces. The #5070 lap features Covington's signature silicon carbide system consisting of 1 each 100g and 400g silicon carbide sanding discs and a felt polishing disc each affixed to individual aluminum heads. The #5071 model features Covington's faster cutting diamond abrasive system featuring 1 each 220g and 1,200g diamond smoothing pads and a single felt disc each affixed to individual aluminum heads.

Super Diamond Glass & Lapidary Laps

The super diamond laps come with Covington's perforated diamond disc system (coarse, medium, & fine) that affix to the head utilizing a magnetic holder. Switching discs is simple, just lift one off and position the next. The #5072 (8" glass model) and #5073 (10" glass model) feature a cork pre-polishing disc, 1 lb. of 2-F pumice, and a felt polishing disc. The #5075 (8" lapidary model) and #5076 (10" lapidary model) feature a 1,200g diamond disc and a leather polishing pad. All super diamond units come with a book about using diamond abrasives.

Perfect Maxi Laps

The #5074 and #5077 laps feature one aluminum head with a steel disc attached. The steel disc allows this unit to accept magnetic backed diamond accessories. The glass unit features a four step system of 1 each 100g nickel bond, 260g nickel bond, 325g resin bond, and synthetic felt discs. The lapidary system is the same with an additional 600g resin disc included.


  • No Arbor Hole Cutting Discs
  • Water Manifold Assembly
  • Unobstructed Access to Work Surface
  • 1/3hp Motor Ships Separately
  • Compact and Portable
  • Quick Change Aluminum Heads
  • Available in 220V, 50Hz

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